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The Sharper Image Literati

Award-winning campaign generated 881+ placements and 192 million impressions. The client noted, "The most important goal for our company was that our product find mention among the two or three other highly visible products in the marketplace. Engaged accomplished that early in our engagement."


Literati Opens New Chapter on eReaders


The Literati launched in a highly competitive, complex market where eReader prices were dropping rapidly, competitive products were being introduced daily and tablets were emerging.  The Engaged Group's charge was to generate awareness and support the company’s efforts to drive sales during the 4th quarter gift-giving push.

The Engaged Group knew the new eReader would have great appeal among a mass, mainstream (primarily female) audience:  It was affordable, color (one of the first to debut) and launching with the largest retail footprint of any eReader (7,000+ retailers).

The campaign launched with a New York Times exclusive and followed with aggressive consumer media outreach. Blogger outreach and contests were conducted to put the product in the hands of its core audience and a social media effort complemented all activity. The MarCom award-winning program garnered coverage spanning national, local, blogger, Facebook, Twitter, print, broadcast, contests, audience giveaways, comments and even email -- exceeding 192 million impressions and ensuring the mainstream consumer target heard about the Literati alongside other competitive products.   Product sales exceeded the client's 4th quarter expectations. 

Coverage highlights: Multiple NY Times placements, Vogue, The View, The Talk, Extra, technology and mom blogs.

Literati featured in Vogue